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Acting Different

This song is not in a battle

It's been some time since I posted anything on Bandamp, so thought this would be fun.

Basically this track is kinda a work-in-progress by me and my mate James (we jam quite a bit and are starting a band). 'Acting Different' is also a working title.

Thought some of you could give it a listen and some constructive feedback?

Was particularly pleased with the guitar tone that I got.  I have an Ibanez RG2570EX running into a Boss GT-8 and then a Laney TF320 2x12" 120w amp. Recorded using a Shure SM-57 and valve preamp. To get that percussive sound for the distorted riffage, both guitars were run through a shared compressor with quick release time.
Drums are simple and written in fruity loops.
Vocals are also manually double-tracked with some *very* light autotune to minimise a chorus effect between the two takes.

Music/Guitars/Bass/Drums/Mixing/Mastering - Me
Vocals / Lyrics - James

Hope you like it...


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#2August 29th, 2007 · 05:49 PM
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Dave, it's been one seriously long time!!!
I'm going to welcome you back with one seriously critical review

So the song - very clear recording, instrument separation good.
Guitar playing is competent in the very least  - a little lacking in inspirational playing though.
Drums lack punch, as does the bass (sounds "woolly"); which is really down to the processing and mastering.
Vocals delivery is a bit boring!  More feeling, more feeling.

But do I like it?
Despite the comments above, yes I do like the song and I think it has real merit.  It doesn't really hit me square in the face though.

#3August 29th, 2007 · 06:18 PM
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hehe thanks

all the comments you've made I agree with and as I said this is still a WIP! In response...

The guitar playing is designed to be reasonably simple - I've made more than enough guitar orientated tracks so this one was designed to be a bit more subdued which is why there is nothing overly complicated or 'inspirational' in there. I do like the general rhythm though!
Yes the drums lack punch. This is mainly because in listening to the track I've compressed them a little too much and mixed them a little too quiet because of the hi-hat (which is too loud). Also the drums are done in fruityloops which sux for rock drums - when I get a MIDI keyboard I'll be doing them through Battery = teh win.
Bass is very very difficult to mix properly with my equipment because I don't have monitors - I master on a 5.1 surround setup that is more designed for games/movies than mastering!
Vocals delivery is because they are a rough take and also a confidence issue. James is a good singer he just doesnt know it yet (:-D) and this version is actually the one we made for him to work out his vocals over the next few days. He is going to rerecord them soon, but I do like some of the vocal melodies he has come up with!

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OK, that makes sense.
The vocal harmonies are very good - and the melody too; it just needs a little "extra" in terms of delivery.  But if James is working on them, then this is an excellent draft.  And yes, he's a good singer for sure.

btw......   Have a listen to Marino's rock stuff, and then come back and tell me that FL isn't a useful tool for rock drums!!!

Can't you trick your soundcard into using only 3 speakers?  You should be able to.... that would make mastering much easier I imagine.

Looking forward to hearing the final production.
#5August 30th, 2007 · 09:56 AM
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 very good song actually, like a semisonic intro going into something like blink 182, but enough with who it sounds like.
 I can hear the bass guitar, but i feel it should be more prominant. Im impressed with the quility of the recording, (my attempts at recording with mics usually end up with fustration in the amount of noise, i havnt got the right equipment).
 The guitar playing is very tight and controlled.
 I agree with Jiminuks opinion on the vox.

cool song, well done

#6August 30th, 2007 · 01:54 PM
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Hey borris thanks for the comments
I have an awesome tip for you with 'noise' from mics. If you mean noise as in hiss then I'm afraid you need a better preamp or mic.
However if you mean noise as in cluttered high-frequency din, then its all about mic placement.
For instance, if I record my amp with the Shure directed at the centre of the speaker cone then it sounds rubbish. This time I tried it with a 45 degree angle aimed halfway between the outside of the speaker and the cone. If you listen you will hear the 'buzz' reduced and more 'useful' sound coming from towards the edge of the speaker. Simply moving an inch or two makes a huge huge difference.
Also mics like the SM-57 have a proximity effect whereby the low end is boosted if u push the mic directly against the speaker cloth, meaning you get a more even frequency range when recording than if it is a distance away.
Mic placement is the hardest but most important part of recording with a microphone; this also goes for live recording an acoustic. Strangely the most obvious place to record (ie recording straight at a cabinet speaker, or straight at the sound hole of the acoustic) can often be the worst.
Hope that is of help to anyone.

#7August 30th, 2007 · 02:20 PM
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Cool song. Like it.

Agree with Jims comments.

I'm sure once you have beefed up the bass and get more dynamics from the drums, this song will sound superb.
Even if you played about with the vox mix, which sound a bit thin now.

Overall  it's a great composition.

Look forward in heraing some more from you.

Will rate

#8August 30th, 2007 · 03:11 PM
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Where's the bridge?
Tight, but doesn't quite get there. At about 2:00 I was seriously expecting something more dynamic. This is a work in progress, and the real frustration is that this one is close! You will need to rerecord this one - the saving grace is that this one is worthy of the effort it will take to get there. Also, the song needs somewhere else to go so that you can return to the chorus. A good bridge (maybe drop into acoustic guitar and harmony vocals, so you can slam back into the chorus) would work wonders. You still get a high vote from me. Hope to hear the rework soon!
#9August 30th, 2007 · 06:16 PM
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Love the feel on the song, i don't really find much wrong with the general mix,think is actually pretty clean.I do think the vocal and guitar quality are a bit to midrange and thin for my taste.Now that I listen again i found the dist guitar a bit loud compared to the rest of the mix.its .It needs something to break up the pattern though,maybe a bridge indeed as suggested by SB might do the trick!
good job over all!
#10August 31st, 2007 · 02:16 PM
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ok, cool, i shall try that, thanks very much. although i do think i need better equipment.

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