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#46March 22nd, 2006 · 01:18 PM
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ahh. gorgeous vocals
#47April 13th, 2006 · 12:50 PM
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United States of America
#48April 13th, 2006 · 05:34 PM
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Hmmm... Prissy, it's obvious you don't like the song, but would you mind elaborating on "hoe"?

Constructive criticism is just as valuable as praise.
#49April 24th, 2006 · 03:11 AM
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i like the song...very well sung...well good audio quality too.
good work.
#50May 25th, 2006 · 02:13 PM
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Beautiful song love the guitar work chord progressions are oustanding love the move to the dim or half dim chord. YOU guys are my favorite very pro stuff I'm going to get on your email so I can get a cd. like the mix as always your songs are the best.
#51June 21st, 2006 · 11:35 AM
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Another great tune! I like the guitar progressions, guitar lead, melodic line, recording mix, tight performance, etc.

But I LOVE the vocals. the arrangement, the way they are sung, everything. Gave me chills the first time I heard  the song.

I'm in agreement with others here, it could have been longer, probably because I enjoy it so much and didn't want it to stop so soon! 
#52March 22nd, 2007 · 04:58 AM
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very psychedelic, and very good.
You could acctualy both work to it, and listening to it.
gotta love it
#53July 11th, 2007 · 09:57 PM
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I love this song!  the guitars are ethereal and beautiful.  I like the way the bass climbs and makes that harmony f# or whatever the note is that I can feel in my gut.  The vocals sounds delicate and haunting.  very professional.  Nice job!
#54August 10th, 2007 · 12:37 AM
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i fell in love with this song the first time i came to bandamp, and over a year later this song blows my mind
#55August 21st, 2007 · 11:09 AM
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two thumbs up nice acoustics and excellent vocals
#56December 22nd, 2007 · 05:53 AM
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In my humble opinion...
This is something in process i suppose

Nice fingerpicking
Nice lower pitch of back vocal in the first part of the song. Play with it…

It’s a pity that you have only one verse...
Uneccery guitar solo
You should define the ”lal-lala-laa…”
#57February 16th, 2008 · 11:43 AM
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deep instruments
Very nice guitar stuff...wow. Vocals grip the ear in surprise as they come in. Cool backward guitar sounding effect. Wish I could do that. Nice voices. Is that all you? Good job on an ambient sound........peace....jgv
#58February 21st, 2008 · 04:11 AM
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Very sweet sounding.  I really like the layers.
#59February 24th, 2008 · 02:37 PM
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, damn, your good, that guitar part in the beggining where the lyrics kick in, kicks ass. As do the lyrics. I wish I was there to see you guys record that, I would have craped myself!!!! keep that awesomness up.

#60April 3rd, 2008 · 01:59 AM
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United States of America
I love the song.I love the way you weave the guitars and the vocals.My favorite so far.
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