#1July 1st, 2007 · 04:02 PM
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Dont Know What

This song is not in a battle

After a week off work recovering from a vasectomy and creating music, then back at work for a week, which has been very strange in that I couldn't get back into my normal routine, I got the opportunity to finish this song.
There are a lot of sounds picked up from my mics, even a motorcycle at he very end, hence I decided to use real instruments for the whole song. I would love to do  a vocal for this one day.

Hope this chills you out.


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#2July 4th, 2007 · 01:36 PM
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Writing as I listen (as usual).

 - Don't know how I missed this.
 - The light percussion is mixed in PERFECT.  It sounds incredible.
 - The first turnaround is awesome.  I love the way your melodies harmonize very subtly.
 - The bass is nice.  I've noticed your basslines are, for the most part, very simple.  That's not to say they don't support well (you're a born guitarist), but I'd love to see you experiment with something other than roots.  In Hotel California Randy Meisner had that great bass riff where he went up and down the root and fifth, throwing in the third at the right time.  The magic happened right before the chorus, at the end of the F#m, where he ascended up the F#m scale finishing on the G, ready for the chorus.  A very simple fill, but you can see how much of an effect it had on me.
 - Good mastering this time around--the percussion fills stuff up.
 - The chord progression is interesting (in a good way)
 - The lead gets a little messy after 1:30 for the next half-minute or so.
 - Just noticed the descending bass over the ascending chord progression in the turnaround--VERY sweet stuff.  Beatles would have been proud.
 - Another lead mess up--I don't usually notice this in your music.  Apart from that sneeze a few tracks ago.
 - Getting repetitive now--vocals are an instant fix.
 - A bend!  And what a bend it was.  Try hitting fifth above (like you did) with a pull-off to the fourth.
 - The ending was a little strange.  It sounds like you couldn't decide what to do so you slowly stopped.  I did however, like the few hits of the bongo at the end.

Great mellow, easy-listening piece.  One of your better instrumentals, actually.  Can't believe no one saw this!
#3November 30th, 2009 · 10:17 AM
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oh my god!
Denis, you are creating masterpieces here, this is absolutely wonderful. I really love it!

great recording, (okey, i'm not THAT into, like.. "professional recording" so me saying that, I guess that's not...)

well, anyway, I kinda drifted away to some exotic island somewhere, with the sun in my eyes and water beneath my feet... exactly what I need right now in this "winter-cold" .. haha ok it's not That cold but,.. dark..

but Denis, keep them coming, excellent work here, Really.

clear skies

#4December 3rd, 2009 · 11:45 PM
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What can I say Denis. Another good song from you. Your recordings are always top notch

Nice rating
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