#1May 2nd, 2007 · 07:28 AM
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Hymn for the virtual
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It’s in the battle 2007-05

Made to be a techy instrumental. Made to be a random project, to see how it fares in the battle.
I transferred the FL notation for the drum glitch loops and sent them to a piano with delay effects. I found a weird vox style synth. I mashed it all together.
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#2May 2nd, 2007 · 08:54 PM
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I dunno......doesn't sound like its really...cohesive...it doesn't all stick together and say to me "this is one song"

Mainly it's the part where you switch from the high end of the piano/synth to the low.

At 2.23 there is a gap in the synth that I think could really use filling.
#3May 3rd, 2007 · 07:22 AM
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so... the random low end piano.... didn't work for you? I was hoping to break up the main melody with a bit of  . Maybe shoot it up the octave? put it in the same key? soften the dynamics? The gap in the synth was a break from the standard loop, and it came in staggered with the other parts. That gap was intended to kind of break up soften down to the end. Should I fill it out a little more? Do you think I can have that settle down to the end if it's filled out more?

I'm just thinking about it.

Thanks for your comment oldies.
I listen to my music a fair bit before I post it up, and its hard to step back and see it in another light. I may revisit this and experiment a little more, take a little more time.
Any other things I should look into while I'm at it?


#4May 3rd, 2007 · 02:14 PM
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its interesting. I guess what i mean by that is that i quite like it but i dont think non musician people would appreciate cos its quite "hard" to listen to. there is alot of ideas, and the sounds are quite harsh and tempo is fast. love that broken up beat tho... very radiohead.
 I think you should either bring that piano part up an octave or soften the attack on it. possibly bring the violin sounding synth melody down an octave but only in some bars.

#5May 7th, 2007 · 02:43 AM
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a lil bit hard to listen to...

yeah i'm agree.

but, good job.
#6May 7th, 2007 · 10:57 PM
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hard work
always pays off! just not my style of music..
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