#1May 31st, 2005 · 01:00 AM
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United Kingdom
No1 Seems 2 Love Me
Score: 54.6%
Rank: 14th
Battle: 2006-04

This is my first properly recorded song
Features ME on everything and Luke Forshaw on Vocals.


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#2June 2nd, 2005 · 12:09 AM
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the vocal is pretty cool, i like his voice a lot, the piano part is nice, the drums, well, you could of used a drum machine, keep it up mate, good job
#3June 2nd, 2005 · 09:50 AM
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Well that was my voice years ago b4 it broke, so i cant sing exactly the same and so's Lukes.. the piano part is actually a keyboard loop of c e-flat f & g, going down the keys, and i just stuck delay on that. Twas a good idea, seems to have worked :-D. And i would agree, the drums arnt the best bit.. ill consider that. Chears,
#4June 4th, 2005 · 07:40 AM
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The song is good and well made. As transistorize and yourself wrote, the drums aren't the best but I believe a good reverb and more bass sounds could work.
#5June 5th, 2005 · 08:53 PM
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Needs a little work on vocals, and you could use a solid beat. Good tune...
#6June 11th, 2005 · 10:53 AM
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I like the piano riff. I would like to hear a rerecorded version of it now as i reckon it would sound a lot better without the un-broken voices 
#7June 12th, 2005 · 09:39 PM
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Work on that drum production! Get them with a snappier, crisper sound with better levels and you'll be sweet.
#8June 15th, 2005 · 09:33 PM
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I know you said you used the younger unbroken voices because they dont sound like that now, but with that southern twang it could sound very like the steets if you did it again now your voices have broken... Do it again an repost good stuff
#9September 11th, 2005 · 08:46 AM
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Ya I definitely get the 'streets' vibe on the vocal accent. Love the piano line.

Simple, but good for your age. I like it
#10March 14th, 2006 · 12:58 AM
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Keep it up!

check out "marula"
#11April 2nd, 2006 · 12:29 AM
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very cool keyboard riff.  it kind of reminds me of something that can be used an electronic/techno riff. 

very good

oh, try not to put numbers in the title of the song, or things like lol, cuz, ect...  text or instant message language doesn't work in song titles.
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