#1June 12th, 2020 · 04:43 PM
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Film Composition 2020 lockdown!!
So the music you hear on this video is my entry to a film music composition competition I just completed ... for Spitfire Audio (Check them out for some amazing free sounds   https://www.spitfireaudio.com/  and more !!!!) Its been a long journey since my first days on Bandamp!! And I still love this site and its potential so much!!!Please listen on headphones or a decent sound system. If you want to see full screen click on youtube in the viewer.

Here is the link

Please feedback ...... thats the best thing about Bandamp!!!

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#2August 1st, 2020 · 01:54 AM
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wow this is pretty cool.  You really started nailing it around the 2:00 mark the accents hits brought more excitement.  This is really hard stuff to do right.  Excellent job on this.
#3August 4th, 2020 · 08:47 AM
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Yes I second that.
Hard to support emotions with music.
The free sound stuff has not much reverb on it. It's very important to have a huge reverb. But it depends on the theme you want to support.
For this kind of action movie you'd chosen hard strings.

My personal advice
Less and warmer strings, maybe two octaves down
and drums.... drums and drums.
The pictures do the rest.
The composition is excellent at 3:25. I like it.

A nice feature what I've heard in many movies (mostly nordic crime series) was to use a piano sound which slightly pitches up or down around the base note. Let's say if A is your base a slow movement from 440 to 435 and up to 445. This gives it a strange emotion. But again huge reverb (7 secs or more and echoes in addition)

Anyway congrats for your attempt. It works
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