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Costa Rica
The Hat Boy - Rules of the Game
My second release as The Hat Boy, please (Like and follow) to keep on rocking...

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Directed and produced by Leonardo Valiando
Mastered by JR Mastering
Art Work by Manuel Gil

               Show me the honey baby,

               Or Iíll cum deep inside

               Always looking for ways to find,

               The truth that lies behind

Golden wisdom of knowledge,

Those who stare at time

Exchanging our values for power,

Pretty smiles for cars

                The flesh is buyed with money

                And feelings are stepped aside

                Sorry, thatís the way we live

                And I'm not going to lie

Thereís darkness in between us,

And poisonous butterflies

Fallen angels flying

Into spirals of dead wide eyes

                 Sharp needles of self destruction

                 Swallowing all our pride

                 Flower with fancy colours

                 Just ruling our minds

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