#1February 14th, 2018 · 10:40 AM
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Costa Rica
The Hat Boy-Divide And Conquer
Hey there,

This is my first single 03 Divide and Conquer(Tribute to Mother Shipton) I wanted some feedback to from you guys.
Be honest and I'll be thankful, be brutally honest and I'll thank you forever.

Here are the links:




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#2February 17th, 2018 · 01:30 PM
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Congratulations on putting out your first single.

I assume the last part was not you playing the flute as this sounds like someone who has been playing for many years and is very captivating, I also like the keys in the last part, very nice.

The first section has been left simple, which is not a bad thing believe me, this is the best way to start and in many ways it's the best way for any songwriter new or experienced.

The guitars are clashing their melodies in some parts. combining melodies is very difficult, you have to be able to hear both work with each other. Try a simple chord as one and a melody the other, this will get you started.

The vocal tone needs work, first you have to put much more energy into it, exaggerate every word if you have too and learn about EQ.  There are ton of tutorials on it or even mixing in gerneral - YouTube is a good place to start. The tone on your vocals and the bass guitar are too flat, they will also drown the sound of any other instruments in the mix. Mixing bass guitar is one of the hardest to get right. Generally with bass you have to roll off some of the low eq and boost the upper mid range a bit for it to cut through nice in the mix. It's best to try and get this right in the raw sound mix, that too applies for any other track you are recording.  The reason for this is if you try and alter the EQ for instance after the recording, adjusting too much will alter the sound completely and even though the eq may sound ok, the actual sound will be unnatural and probably just not as nice as the original raw sound.

You can adjust the mic eq whilst recording, simply by changing the distance you are from the mic, the closer you get the more bass, the further the less bass.  Experiment and hear the difference start from about three inches and go back an inch at time and pick which one sounds best, then stick to it.

Hope this helps and look forward to how you will improve.  Practice makes perfect, but you must also learn new techniques with it, if you are really keen to progress, Learn from the Masters and many of them to truly expand and improve.
#3February 17th, 2018 · 10:45 PM
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Costa Rica
Thanks a lot!
Hey I really appreciate the feedback I will get that fix for the next version!

The Hat Boy
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