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United Kingdom
Singer/Songwriter beats cancer and writes album about the journey
I'm an independent singer/songwriter/guitarist based in Hampshire, England.
I play chilled out acoustic music and have a gentle and emotive voice.
I'm looking to get an Album I made some exposure. Its called 'My Cure' and is available on Spotify here:
It is my first Album of completely original material and features a wide range of styles including Rock, Folk, Country and Classical styles. 
The album tells my story of 2016 which was a tough year that saw me battle and beat a particularly aggressive Cancer which left me with Facial Palsy.
Throughout the above and despite having half my facial nerves severed in the process, I kept writing and recording and in August 2017 I released the album 'My Cure'. Its been overwhelming to see how moved people are by my story as told through these songs and performing the songs live is a real pleasure.
You can also see a video of me performing the song here: https://youtu.be/vbMYN_Bvm5Q

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Hello James,

The audio review forum is not an advertisement platform.

If you want to display your music, please follow the guide of doing it right. Also, external links go in your "links" tab on your artist page, etc etc.

So please try again, upload your song to amp (complemented with an embedded video if you so desire) but please not like this.

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