#1August 29th, 2017 · 09:22 PM
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Hey guys,

Rapper/Songwriter from Melbourne Australia here. Have a listen to my new single 'Blend' below when you can. What are your thoughts?


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#2August 30th, 2017 · 02:05 PM
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I like your style - Think you should try singing this in a higher key, it will give your vox more energy

If you want your Youtube vids to show here on the Amp just insert the codes EAoWrwgdxE in between the YouTube tab which you can access top right of window - like this:

#3September 1st, 2017 · 06:51 AM
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Ok thanks Denis, that was about as high as i could go, need to to practice on that.

I was trying to work out how that youtube tagged worked, cheers for that.
#4Today · 05:14 AM
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I like the beats. Cool lyrics, and style. The delivery is good, and the bass is excellent. As a listener I really like it.

 If I could get my hands on the song and mix it, I'd do a few things to pump it up. I'd deepen  up the kick and lengthen it slightly. Slam it into a good compressor plugin, to get it pumpin. Ad a little bite to the snare leave it about where it's at.

 I love the way you added in a new element with the guitars at around 1:20 or something like that. imho even more of that could be done, add in some background vocals the next turn after the guitars. Keep building the tune up.
Rap music is all about timing, the pro engineers make sure every aspect of it is in perfect alignment. They spend hours, if not days making sure every drum hit and vocal word is right where it is supposed to be. So I would spend some time tweaking out the vocals a bit, with tuning and alignment if and where it's needed.  
What would really make it come together though is it feels really static. Some volume, pan, and fx automation would really bring this song alive.

Good job overall, Nice beats, good vocal delivery, it was able to capture my attention. That's always a good thing.
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