#1March 24th, 2007 · 08:06 PM
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It’s in the battle 2007-04

Hi everybody.

This is a piano demo of a song I just wrote about not being there for the birth of my daughter.  Now she's two and we've gotten to know each other a little better .

Here are the lyrics.  Enjoy!


Iíve been longing to see you for what feels like an eternity
It feels good to finally greet you and to hold your tiny body close to me
And Iím oh so sorry I was late
I would never never ever let you down this way
And it hurt me much more to have to wait than I could ever say

Itís so hard not to be there when your mommyís belly really starts to show
And to be all alone while learning all the things a father needs to know
My heart is aching for the two of you
When Iím finally finally finally getting off that plane
All that I really want to do is just play

And through your eyes so blue
I see the love that shines from you
And itís clear I love you, too
Just you wait and see

(C) 2007

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#2March 24th, 2007 · 08:51 PM
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To Iris
I can relate to the lyrics in my own way, very nice dedication! 
The pianos beautiful, but I think your pushing your voice slightly though you do a really good job of it as it is!

But I do like the song a lot!
{thought} Have you tried talk / singing the lyrics, they might not sound so Leo Sayerish! lol. But keeping the beautiful melody!
#3March 24th, 2007 · 09:16 PM
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I agree with kings. this is a real nice song.  very good piano playing. and the songs arrangement is very good..
imho though your vocals sound good for the most part but it sounds like your straining on the very top notes..

It's still real good. oh yeah and the lyrics are awesome.
#4March 24th, 2007 · 09:33 PM
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This is really nice...The Piano is sounding great,,,you have a good voice also..Nice lyrics.. the music flows well...you did a great job on this In my opinion
A nice rating here

#5March 25th, 2007 · 03:52 AM
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Wow man amazing lyrics i relate.good job here
Gets vote
#6April 14th, 2007 · 07:55 PM
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mmm agree with most... piano playing is amazing. just sounds ur voice is 2 much out of the mix..although u did say its a demo so i'm sure it will sound great once u finish it
#7April 21st, 2007 · 12:55 PM
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wow.. you have my respect!
its obvious the lyrics are the result of
your feelings - eventhough the mixing of the
voice could be better for this kind of song,
but i really like it! i'd love to play the piano like
you and some other musicians here at BA..
..i'm jealous 
#8January 19th, 2011 · 09:01 AM
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I hear a little Billy Joel (compliment)!  The birth of my daughter also inspired me to record a song, so I can feel you there.  I love the piano, the vocals flow very well with it.  Good lyrics and music.  Great job!
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