#1March 18th, 2007 · 07:47 PM
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I Guess We Are Over Now
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It’s in the battle 2007-04

Took about 2 days to make, and I quite like it

Also can someone please give this song a genre, I was thinking a form of Popular Song?


I try to see you
I just can't be there all the time
I try to meet you
But I don't want to let you down

You played me
You take me
I never realised
How much you hated me
But Now
I'm Gone

But was it my fault that we had never made it?
You crushed my hopes and dreams in a single sentance

I thought I knew you
I thought I had it all planned out
I thought I loved you
I never really had a doubt

You played me
You take me
I never realised
How much you hated me
But Now
I'm Gone

But was it my fault that we had never made it?
Crush your hopes and dreams in a single sentance

I'd like to see you once again
I think that I could make things work
But I have moved on since then
Let's talk about it
Let's talk about it

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#2March 18th, 2007 · 10:27 PM
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You sound scared bro!You can sing just let go and do it !Some tunning issues but I think it has to do with been afraid of singing.You got a good voice man.
#3March 19th, 2007 · 04:23 PM
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I dunno I guess I just don't have the confidence when I'm singing I can NEVER sing in front of any one I dunno why... I don't do karaoke for the same reason...
#4March 19th, 2007 · 04:43 PM
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Not bad
But never be afraid of people.
You're singing is only as good as you want it to be.
#5March 19th, 2007 · 04:58 PM
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Theres a world of difference between being a Karaoke Queen and singing your own song!
You just need to practice, get someone to tell you 'how' to sing.

I was wondering if you are into putting different midi sounds to the music, it sounds a bit ... midi.

I think your style is somewhat like RazoR, while RazoR has an accent thing in his voice he does the rest really well! You could pick up some tips from him maybe?
#6March 19th, 2007 · 07:44 PM
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The Beggining
Sounds a little MeatLoaf-ish....
If you are afraid to sing then you wont sound as good as you can..
so just close your eyes and just chill 
#7March 19th, 2007 · 08:17 PM
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re: I Guess We Are Over Now
well 2 me the voice sounds great
sounds like a good microphone and a good space to record in
the solid chord progression is a bit too square
a pad sound holding it up might work and some movement (bass) would be nice after the first few times around
just a thought (develop?)
its a bit short (I get that all the time!!!)
i vote
i like intense voc recording well done its lovely and clean
Ive listened to this about 10 times
bring it on!!!
intonation ................ well next time


the fish
#8March 20th, 2007 · 05:37 AM
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Thanks for the comments and advice everyone!

Can anyone give this song a genre please?

#9March 20th, 2007 · 06:41 AM
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very interesting song you should get more self confidence I think. jack
#10March 20th, 2007 · 06:48 AM
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My Man, This is pretty cool dude!  I agree with Marino, and Sword, your voice is good and clear...  But you definitely need to let go...  I too had the same problem, oh yeah, I still do!  I am very self conscience about my voice, But, I must say, the lovely people here have helped me immensely with that...  Their encouragement pushed me to let go a bit more...  I still have a long way to go, but I feel more confident than before, and have performed in front of people now....WOW...

          As for the song,

  Because your asking about a genre,I am assumingyou aren't too interested in changing the instrumentation any.  I think it does hold it's own well...... As for a Genre, well, I guess I would call it PopCrieff....  It's definitely a style of Pop, but It's kind of a style all your own... It's a cross between Folk and Pop, with a bit of Moncrieff pizzazz

#11March 20th, 2007 · 10:36 AM
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Genre = Brokenhearted Ballad
The spare instrumentation here really exposes your voice.  If you want the vulnerable tremble approach to vocals, you got it here, and considering the lyrics, it quite fitting.  There is some looseness in the piano performance that I think distracts from the song.  With only the two voices, having both the piano and the vocals loose makes the song sound unfinished.  I feel like it makes more sense to have an on-time piano part with the vocals floating over it so that the composition stays grounded somewhere.
#12March 20th, 2007 · 11:07 PM
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This is a good tune ... you know what you have to work on  its been said...I like the music a lot.
Very beautiful

#13April 23rd, 2007 · 03:32 AM
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you have a great voice! really! ...you just have to use it
more self-confident... it reminds me of connor oberst (bright eyes)..
the piano sounds a bit too midi, as kings said.. but it's definitely
a good song.. i'm jealous of you - because i can't sing at all.. i'm still
trying to manage it at least a bit.. use your ability to sing!
#14April 29th, 2007 · 06:12 PM
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United States of America
The song is very good. But you sound a little nervous. Just relax at first and go with it. You'll do a lot better.
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