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This song is not in a battle

put this together for a remix contest for Canada's public broadcaster. Thought it was great, but it didn't get anywhere. I had a totally different, much more industrial-sounding version that I also sent in that also didn't didn't make it, and wheras it took easily 18 solid hours to do, this probably took 4, and was by *far* the more superior.

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Great instr man!! Miles Davis influence?
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Pity it didn't get anywhere in the compo.
It is nice 'remix' even if you've only used one sample from the original.
I like your idea behind remixing, the usual idea is very different.
Even if you have put more than 22 hours work into this idea, your 'average' Joe Blogg listener would only hear a 'classic sample' played to a 'jazz' backing-track. The world can deal with and if anything needs more excitement and variation in music these days.
I do feel that they are two 'opposing'(?) styles, 'late night smoky easy listening jazz' and the 'pomp and grandeur' of a full on orchestra.
Maybe it was too 'different' for them?
What kind of song did they choose?

From what I've heard you make very cool music!
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