#1December 25th, 2006 · 10:46 AM
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Mosh Attack

This song is not in a battle

Thanks for your replies!
As already said, Exodus like song, title track of our self produced full length
"Mosh Attack". Check out our biography and take a look at our homepage
unscared.de, german version of the site is a bit more complete than the english one.

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#2December 25th, 2006 · 10:50 AM
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Cool, rockin, love the lil skip in that palm muting.....WOW...25 secs is the &^&&*** shit.....oh no, sorry dude..love and I mean love the music but the vox do nothing for me.

PS....I want your drummer!

*edit* ummm ya for a band....lol I didnt like the way that looked
#3December 25th, 2006 · 12:12 PM
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ok every music has its listeners.....

not my cup of tea but must say drums are cool, good guitar(s)
#4December 25th, 2006 · 04:42 PM
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fairly enjoyable! Indeed from 0:25 on it sounds like something alright. Voice OK for the genre, sounds agonized, and desolate in a noise/industrial way. Some of the transitions between parts are not so well defined, but all in all a niiice piece

Drums v. well done! Part 2:09 - 2:27 sounds a bit like Ministry's Hero (which is a good thing in my ears)

Anyway, upon multiple listens, I have to say I am not a great fan of the genre, but I can appreciate when sided with more angry stuff ranging from noise-punk to industrial-techno - I'd be entirely happy.
#5December 25th, 2006 · 09:27 PM
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United Kingdom
What a funking awesome piece of music. Seriously!

But since when did Gonzo sing in a thrash-metal band?
#6December 25th, 2006 · 10:16 PM
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kings wrote…
What a funking awesome piece of music. Seriously!

But since when did Gonzo sing in a thrash-metal band? :razz:

Damn you Kings, thats some funny shiznet!
#7December 26th, 2006 · 12:12 AM
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ooh i do want your drummer as well. thats some scary-awsomeness-rockon-style there man, sounds like the devil himself picked up a set of drumsticks and said "oh what the hell?" and let loose. where did you find this person?? (im asumming its a person and not a computer based network manufactiered by someone) i say grade a on the drums and guitar those are wonderfull to my ears.. as for the vox. they fit well with this style, although i aginise for the singers vocal cords... my throat hurts in sympathy for the raspyness of it. did his voice go out after that? ive heard many avocals that sound this way, and as i said before it fits with this style of music so i have no complaints. but i think the vox needs to be turned up in some parts because it kinda gets swallowed by the drums (those lovely wonderfull drums) but then again what do i know? im insain.

#8December 28th, 2006 · 08:38 PM
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I love this music but your singer is lame. I love the guitar in this song, very creative. One of the best guitar riffs I have heard on band amp. Great quallity sound. The drums pounding nice and fast right along with the guitar is cool. The singer isnt too bad just work on it a little. Great potential. And the singer has extreem potential if they can just harness the right sound.
#9December 29th, 2006 · 02:03 AM
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its nice to hear some metal on the site.......the first lead solo at 1:19 sounds odd......but the second time it blends in well with the other instruments.

love this song. neat production. this is a really wonderful creation.

looking to hear more of your stuff on bandamp..........good luck unscared
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