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#1November 1st, 2006 · 11:03 AM
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Synth/Samples - Gafal yn yr Afal

This song is not in a battle

Sample porridge

I love the Goons

Its a fun housy piece made with a sense of humor.

I'd like to know what you think

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#2November 1st, 2006 · 03:31 PM
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re: Gafal yn yr Afal
Sample porridge
can i have more please?
develop the bass maybe and give the samples something a bit more to lie on?
plus a coherent link might be useful
so far it is porridge..........hey i love oats

i vote
#3November 1st, 2006 · 05:04 PM
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wise use of samples although I have to agree with the fish about giving them a more solid base to lie on.

What are you using as a sequencer?

#4November 1st, 2006 · 06:21 PM
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aetheris thanks for your comments for my other song too.

sequencers? I was using Loopazoid at the time but had to move them all into RMF which I still like to use.

I simply have a PC a keyboard and mic and the free(ish) software available on the web.

 My set up is so: Cubase with as plugins; FM, Pro52, TriangleII, Fruity, RMF, PhatMatixs and CM101 (+)
All my audio samples have been through WaveLab at some time or other and I use ReCycle for most of the drum loops and some of the sounds/vocals, it times and tunes them correctly.

swordfish, you should try those oats with some traditional bread and butter, seriously a breakfast and a half.
Funny how the simple things make life.

As to the underlayment to the samples, it's been one long learning process, and I was probably glad that it didn't have as much 'bass' as the last one.
#5December 3rd, 2006 · 04:45 PM
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kings- Gafal yn yr Afal
Porky pig rides again.  this is cool.  this will be added to my ipod.  i like stuff like this.  i want to begin the use of samples and use them along with my percussion stuff.  where do you find all these crazy things ??  i am interested in trying this immediately.

take care, Sir.
#6December 3rd, 2006 · 05:09 PM
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kwalgate - I'm really glad you like it, 

And thanks for telling me!

I've got thousands of samples, literally. It's taken a few years to collect them all and of course a lot of time to process them. A sample has to be right, if you know what I mean, like the 'right' drum sound or the 'right' guitar sound.
I write lyrics and I sing, so my instrument is me and my PC.

I posted this link earlier on today, and here I am again doing it a second time :  stonewashed.net
This is a site that gives a long list of other sites that offer free samples of all kinds.

[edit]While checking the link I started surfing some of the links on the site, I came up with this one, it's a voice generator, type in your text, listen to it spoken, download the .wav http://www.research.att.com/%7Ettsweb/tts/demo.php    
#7December 3rd, 2006 · 10:51 PM
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Nice mixture!
It's really well mixed...I love goons as well, no so sure about porridge ha
You've got an army of samples there seriously
#8December 13th, 2006 · 01:12 AM
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Nice work it a great mix
The screaming is a turn off
The beat is great
Porky Pig Cussing is new so that a plus
#9December 13th, 2006 · 08:19 AM
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Cheers Geo 'the night owl', Yes I have a lot of samples, it's my way of playing an instrument!
I downloaded a lot of Goons from Kazaa years ago, they used so many weird sounds and they themselves were just classics, I've cut out a few more samples all waiting to be incorporated somewhere.

rnandrews : Thanks for listening and for the comments. Yes I was quite happy with how the beat come out.
As I said in the beginning it was made with a sense of humor so it's not meant to be a song as such. Just a load of PC samples mixed together into 'something'.
#10December 13th, 2006 · 09:05 AM
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I'd love to hear some Aphexy grinds in there.  Get a hold of MetaSynth, it's what he used on Windowlicker and Come To Daddy, it takes pictures and synthesizes them into audio.  If you extract that "RRrrrrrrrr" sound from Come to Daddy, it's actually a picture of his face, the clever b'st'rd.
#11December 13th, 2006 · 09:13 AM
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Cheers Punchbear, I'll have a look for MetaSynth. I have played with other types of bitmap/wave generators and even used it in a song. If I would have played with it some more I might have come up with some cool sounds.
#12January 22nd, 2007 · 04:45 PM
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hey man this reminds me of Megadeth's version of "the elmer fudd song".

nice usage of Flavor Flave there near the end
#13January 23rd, 2007 · 01:38 AM
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I wish I could do that man.I'm not into that type of arrengement but I can defenetly see the creativeness in it.It sounds like there's a lot of money envolved in that equipment.
#14January 30th, 2007 · 07:39 AM
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amazed me, lots of fun!, so many things goin on that makes me laugh
downloaded it to try to add (simple)guitar part,  if there's room for it..
this is crazy 
#15January 30th, 2007 · 10:06 AM
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Nah man.....This is a great intro to a set....  a good cd starter.  Id like to take it to about 1 min.  keep the sound that comes in a :25 and drop a phat ass breakbeat on it. It would be madness!  This is what I call a "build".  Its one of those tracks that you keep expecting something cohesive from but it keeps you guessing....  then out of nowhere you find yourself on solid bedrock and the earth starts shaking! Good stuff, man....   and OMG!! thanks for that vocal link! Thats choice man!!!  Im about to have a blast with this!
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