#1August 18th, 2006 · 09:35 PM
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Love Tragedy

This song is not in a battle

I wrote this song a couple of years ago and the emotions behind the song are reflections of emotions that a real good friend of mine actually had the displeasure of going thru.

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#2August 20th, 2006 · 08:19 PM
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I'm sure your friend appreciated this. Not a bad tune either,I like the doubled vox. A couple pops here and there,guitar sounds like the chords arent fretted perfectly in spots?Not very often.Good job.

PS I know you can do the vocals better,I have inside info on some tracks youve done...lmao
#3August 21st, 2006 · 01:19 AM
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lots of potential with this one DT needs alittle polishing mix wise, but the lyrics are good and the feel is there

keep them comin
#4August 21st, 2006 · 11:02 AM
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sounds like the start of something good!  I like the layered vox...and I agree with C.O.T.N. about the guitar..maybe your acoustic needs the action lowered (the buzz I'm hearing from yours is indicitive of strings that are too high off the fretboard)...and your vox need a little work...sounds like you need to project more and sing from your diaphram instead of your throat...but overall - I like your song! 
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