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#1August 10th, 2006 · 01:14 AM
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Ivan (KURSK)
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Battle: 2006-10

Remember the kursk submarine? If not maybe google it!

This is one of those songs that wrote itself.One minute the page was empty and the next it contained my exact emotion/state of mind.

I guess its trashy punky but the form of the music represents how appaled I was at the time the sub sank.
I was workin one of those dead end jobs,forced to listen to local radio who gave a kind of morbid countdown of how much air the sailors had left. The next day i got into work and the countdown was at 2 hours left.
I was mainly angry at the fact that Putin refused international help to raise the sub. He was freshly elected to office and it would probably have looked bad on the old resume to have a nuke sub rescued by another country. So let them choke i guess was the plan.
Anyway, grumpy i was, and grumpy was the song!

Its an old tune re-recorded and kinda cleaned up but we werent too enthusiastic about it so it didnt get too much attention in the mixdown. So thanks anyway to Shane on vocals and bass, Dekki on drums and Mick again for recording it.

I hope you enjoy the song and remember the story.

Have you sink your submarine   Ivan the terrible?
Have you damned a hundred dreams  Ivan, Ivan?
When they taste the bad air,
will they brerak out the guns before their time comes?
Will they cry their human hearts out,
When they taste the bad air?

When they die will they scream for Russia?
When they die will they scream for peace?
When they die will they scream for anything,
Just to make ends meet?

Only thirty four hours to go,  Ivan the terrible,
'Till the sailors say goodnight, Ivan, Ivan
Will it never happen again?
Will there be a hundred widowed women and a thousand bastard sons
All prayin' for a peoples government?

When they die will they scream for Russia?
When they die will they scream for peace?
When they die will they scream for anything,
Just to make ends meet?

'Cause the only thing they're goin' through is
Livin' Burnin' Hell
While the killers sit in moscow and
Watch their wallets swell,
And a new brigade of bastard sons
Steps up to the frontline
While the women wave and cheer them off
Now and for the last time

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#2August 10th, 2006 · 03:11 AM
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yep, remember!
yes! thanks for reminding me. just came back from russia in that week, belorus that was.
we been in the studio that very day to have the final day of recoring for our second cd. we did a recording of an intro for a song and wondered how strange it sounded. it really sounded like a sinking ship. fuck. after that we heard it on the radio. we made it a song instead an intro out of the piece and called it kursk.
if you gimme your email i can send it to you. its a very nice recorded piece with heaps of exotic instruments on it!
i like your song. its very emotional. i think many people dont realize what happened on that day. a couple of days ago i saw a video documentation on the old sovjet submarines and how they rust away slowly. the kursk reactor was floating among other piles of garbage in the baltic sea.
that can make one pretty emotional, huh?
cheers buddy
#3August 10th, 2006 · 11:13 AM
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cool song.

nothing to complain about on my part...

mix sounds good. the song itself is great.

got my vote.
#4August 16th, 2006 · 12:33 PM
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a touching story Indeed...I wish I could have understood the lyric's more..I dont know if it's your accent or in the mix...

#5August 16th, 2006 · 02:56 PM
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great track, very powerful. I think the snare maybe a bit too present, however the mix in general is severely raw and that suits it just fine really. So well done.

And as for Kursk.. well I didn't like that whole thing happening either. There's a lot of reasons behind the decisions made though... Any victims all labelled "expendable losses"... Makes any sane commoner weep.
#6September 14th, 2006 · 01:30 AM
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I like the song alot . Has good energy and i really like the guitar chord riff.
It's a shame what happened and lots of times govmnt is just wrong.
They seem to be real good at wasting life and treating people like expendable pawns.
Anyway I feel a rant coming on so I won't.  Good Job IMHO  just some "minor" eq/ mix things.
#7September 14th, 2006 · 02:08 AM
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How did I miss this?
GREAT energy on this song. Twenty years ago music with this much raw anger wasn't so remarkable but lately it seems in short supply. I hear MTV's version of raw and it seems so freakin limp. Hell my own stuff sounds really wussy to me . I wish i could beat the crap out of a song like you guys did. Super job. 

I won't get technical on yer ass about the mix cause, like PX says, the mix suits this song just fine.  This is one of the few songs I've heard on the amp that would actually benefit from ear-splitting volume.

Maybe I'm nostalgic for the ass-kicking music of the past, maybe I'm just jealous of the energy you have, but this is, over-all, one of my favorite songs on this sight.
Now go kick some more ass.
#8September 14th, 2006 · 05:36 PM
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Half the songs i hear on the radio today i can't understand... maybe I listen to weird stations, but if you ask me, lyrics don't mean a thing i like the lyrics... sure i can't hear the words in particular, but i hear the pitches. Pitch matters over understanding anyday if you ask me 
#9September 14th, 2006 · 07:24 PM
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i got chills listening to this and reading the lyrics... it takes alot to do that to me my friend... awsome job on this song. i actully became inraged and felt like kciking puppies because of this song. nothing to complain acout, and you have my vote!

the other paper cut

#10October 14th, 2006 · 03:03 PM
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yeah!!!That's my music,the recording could be better but it sounds great,go on with that stuff
#11October 14th, 2006 · 03:57 PM
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Trashy punk works for me.  nice work. Good mix. Good use of panning.
I wouldn't change a thing      a gem  - Mark Stoner from GRUNTLED
#12October 15th, 2006 · 04:10 AM
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United States of America
#13October 15th, 2006 · 11:07 AM
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just curious what the "yuck" was for..............seems offending. i liked the song.
#14October 15th, 2006 · 11:34 AM
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yes this is a story...

trashy punk song suiting it!

good job.
#15October 15th, 2006 · 04:23 PM
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re: Ivan (KURSK)
i was gonna vote this 'hot' but its just under
the vocals let it down..........not the words.........just the 'cutting' factor. in the mix .................

so very warm

love the energy

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