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Flat Earth Society

This song is not in a battle

This is a spoof tribute to those nastiest of conspiracy theorists, the Flat Earth Society, who believe the world is flat.

It is a Stylsih Headphones, Milady song, composed and sung by me. I was playing piano and singing on this, broderick was playing the bass, and chris was doing everything else.

It's still very much a work in progress, I still have an intro to include and we need to balance and work on the sound.

INTRO (note- not included in the recording)
A long time ago
We thought the world was flat
If you sailed out to far
You might as well go splat
If you were a heratic
And thought the world was round
They’d throw you off the edge
Or at least they’d hope you’d drown
If only they could see the world
From space or from afar
Then they’d know the secret that
The world is just a ball
Oh no oh no

But now we have satellites
And men on the moon
So much information now
You’re fed with a spoon
Yet not so long ago
There were Fundamentalists
They got a little angry
That this might persist
Oh no.

It’s a conspiracy
It’s a conspiracy
The world is a disc
And its really hard to miss
Faked NASA photographs
And walls made of ice
The flat earth society
Doesn’t play nice

Breeding in ignorance
As the story goes
The flat earth society
Stepped on all our toes
Disregarding scientists
And every government
The flat earth society
Their lies still persist

It’s a conspiracy
It’s a conspiracy
The world is a disc
And its really hard to miss
Faked NASA photographs
And walls made of ice
For the flat earth society
Doesn’t play nice

In spite all of evidence
Theories and spoofs
The flat earth society
Still seems aloof
Their precious bible
Can’t seem to tell the truth
Logic and reason
Are given the boot

The Earth accelerates upwards at 9.8 m/s, causing the illusion of gravity
The sun is a “spotlight” which flys around using dark energy, lighting only half of the earth at a time, wobbling to cause seasons.
The atmosphere is only 150 ft high and is held in by a large “wall of ice” Nobody has seen this wall because there is a massive conspiracy dating back to the time of the romans.
Why is there a conspiracy?
We don’t know, we just like to think there is because we’re crazy.
Meteor showers are caused by rocks which the government sends up every six months to create the illusion that we’re on a round earth. They also create eclipses by sending up large cardboard cards.
Satellites are actually low altitude airplanes, and the real signals are sent by radio towers. Space is not a vaccum, but is made entirely of matter.
The moon is two dimensional, as are all the other planets, and are also accelerating upwards at the same speed we are.
The world sits upon a turtle and four elephants, which sit on an amazingly huge blanket of dark matter. Penguins are actually robots created by the government to confuse us. Magellen actually was put off course by the government and went in a large circle.
Every expedition to the south pole has actually been to the north pole, but we don’t really know it, we never can because it’s a conspiracy.
The horizon is an illusion created by atmospheric distortion, and mount everest , and every mountain that is taller than 150 ft is fake.

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this take
I still think that this track needs more energy... Chris said he was planning on doing another drum track anyways but he didn't want to be "indulgent". I'll do another bass track to so I think it'll turn out better, not that this track is horrible.
#3August 22nd, 2006 · 04:17 PM
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Is this a re-post?  Only I thought I'd commented on this one a while back.

Good idea - good construction
definitely needs work on the recording.
As Bass4YourFace says - it needs more energy..  But I think that can be resolved a little in the mix.
This sound takes me back to the "Canterbury" sounds of the early to mid 70s.  Listen to some early Camel, or Caravan.  You'll get the idea.

I like it
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