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#1May 30th, 2006 · 08:06 PM
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Out of the Cave
Score: 81.4%
Rank: 6th
Battle: 2006-08

This was inspired by Plato's analogy of the cave. Eric likes his drumwork in this cuz it has a nice double time feel (he told me to write that lol).

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#2May 30th, 2006 · 10:58 PM
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United States of America
I think the song itself is great, I'm a fan of the tone in the voice. The use of syncopation in the vocal line is pretty cool as well.

Any chance you could post the lyrics?

I'm actually a big fan of the allegory of the cave, so I was psyched when I saw your song here.
#3May 30th, 2006 · 10:59 PM
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the lyrics are in the lyrics review, under Out of the Cave. Im glad you liked the song!!!=)
#4May 30th, 2006 · 11:31 PM
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the rhythm of this song put me in mind of Got me Wrong by Alice in Chains. I like the vox alot!
#5May 31st, 2006 · 02:44 AM
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The rhythm guitar reminded me at some points to Opeth.. don't know why but that's always a good thing  it adds mistery to the song and makes it more interesting...
Nice vocals... guitar solos were a bit overdone for my taste, but still works just fine
#6May 31st, 2006 · 07:10 AM
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United States of America
Listening to the song again, it could definately use some elevation on the 2K and 4K levels, playing around with my own playback equlizer at home the vocals pop much more and I think the song sounds better overall with those bands higher.
#7May 31st, 2006 · 12:15 PM
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Thanks for all the feedback!!! Glad it's entertaining you!
#8May 31st, 2006 · 01:50 PM
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it is! it is...

I likes it, nice flowy rock groove... it's a very warm sound, very pleasing to the ears and gives me a relaxed sense of refreshment.

mmkay... yeah, good stuff!
#9May 31st, 2006 · 03:17 PM
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I think I like this, still not sure yet.  The lead guitar has a definate 80s sound to it. 

Your singing is very good, but the harmonies in the chorus sound a bit off.  I didn't really get the "do dee do" part, you could have added some lyrics there instead.  These are just my thoughts ofcourse, you can take it or leave it.

Good luck to you!
#10May 31st, 2006 · 03:25 PM
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United Kingdom
Oh, very nice!

Great voice and the music makes sense of the repetitive use of "something"
The dissonant harmonies in the chorus sound really good to me - it goes with the sentiment of the song.  Even the "do dee do" bits fit with the whole "cave" analogy.

Nice structure, good solos, great drums, and well sung.

There is a flatness in the recording quality, which can be fixed with some EQ tinkering, but apart from that ........

This is the first song of yours that I've heard (and reviewed).  I look forward to more

#11May 31st, 2006 · 04:57 PM
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The di do di do is there for the hook, quite honestly it's the part I sing in my head after the whole song is done and I know all the words. But please keep up the constructive criticism I like it!!! =)
#12May 31st, 2006 · 08:06 PM
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United Kingdom
i like it... yea it kinda reminds me of alice in chains... nice tune, top form! jolly good show!
#13June 1st, 2006 · 05:32 PM
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United States of America
I love the vocal intervals in the chorus. This is well played and recorded. I like the vocal phrasing in the verse.great lyrics.  again another super tasty gtr lead. I'm definetly a fan.
Again I love the tone of your voice.
#14June 2nd, 2006 · 06:16 PM
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right on pretty nice i dig it.
#15June 15th, 2006 · 05:22 PM
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re: Out of the Cave
i enjoyed this song everything souds proffesional and claen and ur voice is great again  i say u kinda sound like that morriset chik forgot her first name think was allison i like ur music
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