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#1April 9th, 2006 · 05:07 PM
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Battle: 2006-05

This took about four months to finish, Ladies and Gentlemen.
  From a simplistic idea to a sophisticated Swordfish-generated
               lush version that you can now appreciate.

  Let us know what you think as we are honestly very curious.

               Please rate the song and comment

                         WORDS: SWORDFISH
                                 MUSIC: JBP

                Swordfish:  strings arrangement, brass
                       JBP:  guitars, mandolin, voc
                         Tritonkeyboarder: bass

You know I’ve been thinking bout the way you look at me
Your eyes are a picture of deceit
I just can’t help thinking that if you held a gun
You’d shoot me dead and run back to the street

The only way to shoot me is between the eyes
Avoid my heart cause it couldn't stand the harm
See me down but let me hope you realise
For all I' ve been through could we change anywise?

Take the bullet out ........ and kiss it sweetly
Cos I’m completely…….. lost in my love for you
The world's shouts so loud…..can’t u stop the sound
Put the pistol down…….. don't bid love adieu

You know I was thinking bout the way you looked at me
Your eyes were a picture of deceit
You felt my heart beating while t'was pressed against your gun
You took the chance but have you really won?

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#2April 9th, 2006 · 05:19 PM
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United States of America
Very well put together...

   Love the mandolin, and the trombone...... 

         I also enjoyed the transition from this very dark, sinister song, to happy go lucky, then back again....

       GOtta give this one a great rating.....

                              Ukulele JimK
#3April 9th, 2006 · 05:34 PM
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Hey, that intro is really lovely! Emotive and melodic, with that mandolin that shakes your heart.
That kinda samba part sounds amazing too.
You 3 did a great work.

         > Iszil
#4April 9th, 2006 · 06:09 PM
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great orchestration, very neat mix! you should get a record deal with a voice like that.
The trombone surprises me everytime in popsongs, love it!
#5April 10th, 2006 · 09:31 PM
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Great song. Love the trombone, and especially the mandolin(being a guitarist myself).
Well mixed, considering you're spanning 3 countries, pretty amazing.
Keep it up boys!

#6April 11th, 2006 · 11:59 AM
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United States of America
Ok. I want to preface this by saying you guys do great work and are obviously good players and clever writers. That said, I feel the transition from intro to the main body of the tune is jarring. I don't mean you mis-handled it arrangement-wise, you did that very well. I mean IMO the styles clash somewhat. Both sections stand well on their own and the bone solo is beautiful, I just felt ( and still feel) a half time feel on the main part of the song would be more compelling and offer more continuity. The lyrics are dark and it seems an odd mix to put them with such a happy track. Of course the irony may have been intentional but, for some reason I can't articulate, it doesn't work for me. Still, it's a professional job and a great pair of songs .
As to the tracks themselves - holy crap! You guys are all really good.
JBP has an amazingly smooth voice. i wish i could get near that but, alas, no dice. His voice is great. Guitars are really well played and thought out too.
TK plays great stuff and the bass line here is no exception. Very freakin cool.
Fish, you really play a beautiful trombone. i have a horn band and the bone players I usually work with are devotees of the "raging elephant" school of soloing. It's such a subtle instrument- nice to hear someone exploit that quality.
The lyrics, music and performances here are so good that, despite my quibbling on the concept, I'm giving you guys 100% because it truly is a prefessonal job.
#7April 12th, 2006 · 02:12 PM
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United Kingdom
well nice vocals, and the trumpets just kicked in... that recorded? nice sound...the mandolin adds a nice touch, mixed really well...  strings are nice too... oh... ends abit sudden tho...
#8April 12th, 2006 · 03:13 PM
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nice.. very nice... nice mandolin playing, good percussion, I love that trombone, and the orchestration is GREAT. I'd like to know how you managed that Swordfish I mean I want that software...

BUT .. but.. there is always a but... the ENDING.. is too sudden.. that's a shame... it's not finished.. doesn't feel that way, leaves me . . . . ???? too too bad!

well, the quality and all the rest is great though... SO atleast some points for that..
#9April 12th, 2006 · 03:47 PM
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United Kingdom
Great sounding song to start; the strings, the mandolin, the guitar, and a lovely timbre to the vocals.
Also a great sounding song in the middle; drums, guitar, bass, and of course the great trombone

But ..........
                I'm behind alerion on this one so far as it sounding like two songs pieced (very well) together, and the slight disparity in my own mind of the lyrics against the (middle) part of the song.

I'm also not so keen on the end, which just sort of happens. 

The recording is very good indeed, but you all have managed to reach such a high level of professionalism that I find myself picking up on bits that I would otherwise ignore - like the slight vocal popping on a couple of occasions (for example at 1:10 on the word "picture") Jim!

I can't believe that I'm sounding so negative over what is a truly splendid collaboration.
Some songs really appeal to me - some of your songs (all three) are truly magnificent.

Well hey, you can't have everything, right!!!

#10April 13th, 2006 · 06:36 PM
It's emo. Sorry. It's just way too emo.
#11April 14th, 2006 · 12:58 AM
very cool i like it.
#12April 14th, 2006 · 04:28 PM
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Nice job
Good stuff guys. very professional and a great twist on the style of music. Great sound and focus on this song. I love the faster part and I believe the two main parts of the song work very well together. Good work and keep it up. Peace
#13April 15th, 2006 · 09:18 PM
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quite a spiritual song. very atmospheric very good feeling great song. good variety changing the pace and oh jeeze awesome trombone solo sat in perfectly! WTF?! emo? lol he probably just saw the title and commented...
#14April 17th, 2006 · 07:48 PM
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United Kingdom
That was utterly impressive throughout. You are obviously all accomplished musicians so no point in telling you so.
Um, what to say. Great tune. Spanning three countries like that is something to aspire to and I will have to follow in your footsteps once i have mastered my own recording software:S.
Dammit I want to post a song, stupid pro tracks thingamabob.
Anyway, back to you guys.
Right, conclusion;
Sweet lyrics(in both senses of the word). Well put together and spotless production. 100% with out a doubt and I hope to hear more stuff like this on here. Saying that, I do have to agree with the sudden ending and the contrast gets you a bit(if you know what I mean).
Oh, and it's good to be back, not like anyone has missed me in this obis we call the Internet.
Tytls(as the it girls of my generation keep saying...apparently it means bye*raises one eyebrow*....)
Keep it up.
OK, just read that "emo" thing, I kinda missed it out as I was reading the other comments.
WTF, mate. Just cause something has lyrics orientated towards a love lost or the darker side of love in general doesn't make it emo. You think emo's came up with that
And emo has it's plus points, you just have to filter through the hundreds of over opinionated bands who know little of life and preach it.
Anyway, had my rant,
#15April 18th, 2006 · 06:43 AM
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Sounds very professionell
You have done a good work.
This peaceful begin going over in a dancing mood.
Good arragement, good idea. This mandolinplaying give this song a exotical touch from the Russian aera. But I think, the song is a little bit to long.
You have a very nice voice. You can make from this song, two..this sounds very different inside the song.

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