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#1February 3rd, 2006 · 09:18 AM
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Game Of Chance
Score: 78.1%
Rank: 10th
Battle: 2006-09

A song written on the doorstep of a friends house that i was staying in but i was too drunk to get the key in the door. So i sat down and began scribbling on a page.I was woken the next morning drooling on one side of my mouth and clutching the lyrics to this in my hand. I have since quit alcohol!

Anyway, to me life is just one big game of chance, were all on level playing fields and were all f*cked anyway so lets enjoy it maybe?
Cheers to J on bass and vocals, Dekki on drums and Mick again for engineering.

Let me know what u think. Cheers

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#2February 3rd, 2006 · 12:45 PM
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United Kingdom
Nice track Wiz - I love the lazy feel of this one. 
Yes, it all seems to come together very well - guitars (nice), bass (very nice!), vocal (well sung, with a great sound to the voice).  And this all wrapped up in a pretty nicely arranged, recorded, and produced package.
Well done
#3February 3rd, 2006 · 12:57 PM
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I am listening to it for the third time now. I must say that it's a wonderful composition with a great feel. I love the arrangements and will give it a high rating. The lead vocals are perfect, well, all the instrumentation is superb. I would like to hear more bocy in the guitar sound, though,  but I love it anyway. Thanks 4 sharing
#4February 3rd, 2006 · 05:13 PM
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United States of America
Unique vox... Very nice, though they are quite a bit louder than the drums and guitar.  Very cool guitar riff, and equally cool bass work.  Thanks!
#5February 3rd, 2006 · 05:34 PM
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I'm liking the overall feel man. very uplifting. That guitar riff is pretty sweet. It manages to have a little southern twang without being too southern. Drums sound really solid aswell. The vocals are tight aswell though the only thing I would recomend changing, is in the verses the backup vox are a bit out of time with the lead and it sounds a little awkward. Might just be me though. Aside from  that one small thing its a really tight track
#6February 3rd, 2006 · 06:26 PM
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great quality song

I really enjoy the engineering / mix job, it sounds very... "real life"

interesting vocals. good thing they're being backed up though, I don't know if I would have equally appreciated the lead without the backup. it's a very attention-slurping voice, I don't always enjoy that.

ok, wanna hear more of your songs! you have so few...
#7February 3rd, 2006 · 09:06 PM
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United States of America
Incredible recording, incredible voice, incredible guitar parts.
Derrrrrr bring up the bass! Too low bass is the bane of all Bandampers known as Oldies324.
I love your style, can't quite pinpoint the influence, but is definitely enjoyed.
Quite a bit.
#8February 5th, 2006 · 02:09 PM
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Another great tune. I like the vocals (seems to be my ussuall with your stuff) excellent musicianship yet again.
#9February 7th, 2006 · 07:07 PM
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Lots of good words written about this song already.  I concur with every one of them.
#10March 23rd, 2006 · 02:15 PM
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United States of America
Lol, very good. I like the song and the story behind it. Not my style of music, but somehow you pulled me into liking it. Right on.
#11March 23rd, 2006 · 04:57 PM
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Really warm vocals!  Marleyesque even. I like it.  Some of the solo guitar has nice 70's retro feel to it that gives a non distracting melancholy mood.  The more times I listen I grow more and more fond of the tune.  I like the off set vocals for harmony, where you and the back up vocals timing is staggered just a bit it really gives a neat feel.  It adds depth to the music as if both of you(or both tracks) are really singing from the heart.  As if the lack of choreography suggests more honesty of heart.  I love the song, however I did not particularly care for the ending.  I think it needs to end with the vocals with a tidy ending.  I am by no means an expert but I love honest music and my ear is very opinionated.  Great song!
#12August 8th, 2006 · 04:20 PM
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Like this one too:D as Newbreed sad, really WARM vocals, like the melody, a little reagge sort of tune.. or am I totally wrong if I say reagge? anyway, nice song!

#13August 12th, 2006 · 11:49 PM
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yeah very distinctive voice and echos of van the man style .
great stuff.arrangement and musicality a1.
#14August 23rd, 2006 · 05:14 PM
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This is great.

The only thing I don't like is the vocal harmonies. I'm not sure why. They sound a bit flat (which might be intentional). But that's probably why...

Quality/mix sound great.

I love what's going on with the guitars. Especially that one in my left ear.

very nice.
#15September 4th, 2006 · 02:36 PM
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not quite 100% but very close because the two voices are a bit out of sync and the drums are very compressed. So I like it anyway esp the never ending guitar
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