#1January 8th, 2006 · 08:38 PM
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Tragic Girl

This song is not in a battle

Those of you might recognise this as 'Bluebirds' which I uploaded a couple of months back.
I was very embarassed by that track, so I deleted it.
Anyway, I was looking through old files on my computer today and I came across the backing track to it, and new lyrics popped in my head.
This song is about friendship. I used to be the 'tragic girl' and I lost my best friend because of it. Its way better than that 'Bluebirds' crap.


You're a victim of your generation,
Miserys no fashion statement,
Get a grip and be thankful you're alive.
F*ck this emo reputation,
This depressive legislation.
Cut your lable, not your wrist, with that knife.

Stupid tragic girl.
In your selfish world.
Tragic girl.
Tragic girl.
You're fighting imaginary wars.

You're fighting imaginary wars.
Imagine what you could be,
If you just admit you're happy,
Imagine what you could be,
If you just admit you're happy.
Oh tragic girl,
Tragic girl.
Get a life.

Draw the curtains back, shed light
On that which you've become.
Stupid emo always looking out,
Out for number one.
I love you honey, can't you just love me?
Quit you're cutting and you're crying,
Let me remind you you're happy.

...In your selfish world,
Tragic girl.
Tragic girl.

Ooh tragic girl,
I'll be there when you wanna cry.
But I wont listen girl,
If you tell me you wanna die.
Oh tragic girl,
Wheres your dignity?
Let me tell you girl,
You wont get sympathy
From me.
From, from me.

Tragic girl.
In your selfish world.
Tragic girl.
Tragic girl

You're just a hopeless little girl,
You're just a tragic little girl,
You're a pathetic little girl, (And I love you.)
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#2January 9th, 2006 · 02:08 PM
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haha lol, on your last upload I commented something about it hanging towards electro goth

well obviously this is severely anti-goth, therefore would still fit in well with that scene

great harmonies on the vocals once again, the music bit had a few dubious mixing decisions I think, the fading of volume for instance - you might want to solve things like that with well defined instrumental breakdowns, although it has it's charm this way.

the backwards parts are great, really keeps my ears close to the arrangement and work well for hypnotism.

also the bass-synth lead sound seemed a little off, rhythm wise, but that could be just me - maybe it's a nice effect which just takes some getting used to from my part.

what else is there to say? keep em coming!
#3January 10th, 2006 · 03:13 PM
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Things were meandering about a bit, then the backwards bit came in at 3:57 and wow - you're back! I would be tempted to structure the song around that hook, maybe even have it as the intro so it grabs you right away instead of the gradual fade in ?
A++++++++++++ as they say on eBay.
#4January 10th, 2006 · 04:47 PM
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not bad, i like. very good harmonies! and i like the vocal overlaps
#5January 10th, 2006 · 04:59 PM
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I'm not sure what the backwards thing means.  But i liked it. THe synthy bass worked surprizingly well with the rest of the sounds in this song.
 Agreed with PuppetXeno, the volume might be adjusted in some parts.
#6January 27th, 2006 · 10:57 AM
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As ever, I love the sound of your voice - and the use of harmonies is still very good.  But this track doesn't do very much for me at the moment. 

I'm not keen on the instrumental arrangement much of the time, and have to agree with others that the mix needs a bit of work.   But between 1:40 and 2:24 when you do the vocal harmonic break, and then take it back to the main theme, it's really great! 

Overall, I think  you manage to create a nice atmosphere, that's in keeping with the lyrics.

And to echo Puppet..... keep em coming 
#7March 10th, 2006 · 10:26 PM
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wow. I'm totally blown away. as this song was playing a bunch of peoples faces went through my mind, and it was like that song was meant for them. and the scary thing is, my face was first.
#8March 11th, 2006 · 08:22 AM
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liked the power entrence at 2:30, nice work
#9March 11th, 2006 · 09:32 PM
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that song is great,  your voice blends well. you're awesome
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