#1September 2nd, 2005 · 05:31 AM
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Guitar Solo

This song is not in a battle

This solo is dedicated to my favorite guitarist the one we should all remember  JASON BECKER.

I played only 1 chord then i started recording and improvising on that chord.

I hope you guys like it.

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#2September 2nd, 2005 · 05:40 AM
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if it weren't for the background synth, i wouldn't like it so much! it's loverly!

(not that i don't like the guitar--it's great!)
#3September 2nd, 2005 · 05:52 AM
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United Kingdom
I like the background synths, and the lead guitar parts are excellent.   I also like the atmospheric guitar parts at the end.

Maybe a break section in the middle would help, with a melody, or a key change.
#4September 3rd, 2005 · 10:43 PM
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i thought it was pretty good

i'd love to hear you play over something that had a bit more than one chord in the background

reminded me of a blade runner soundtrack song
#5September 5th, 2005 · 11:37 PM
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Reminds me off this band I used to listen to way back, they were called insanity, its very fucking sweet and your skills as far as improvising go...perfect
#6September 8th, 2005 · 08:48 AM
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guitar solo
sounded pretty good
#7September 10th, 2005 · 05:15 PM
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To tell you the truth, i didn't know much about Jason Becker other than his guitar legacy. However I looked up his history with Marty Friedman in Cacophony and David Lee Roth. It's amazing the mettle he embodied throughout his run of ALS. That's why it saddens me to see guitarists like that. It may seem to be ridiculous that names like his aren't as mainstream as bands like AC/DC  or Lynard Skynard. A guitar master like him should be appreciated, but today, people like leads they can hum. That's why it's ironic to see someone spend their entire life becoming the best and are never really noticed.
#8September 10th, 2005 · 05:26 PM
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#9September 11th, 2005 · 05:30 AM
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Very earie sound and some fantstic guitar work in there. I look forward to hearing more
#10May 8th, 2007 · 02:40 PM
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Melodical Power!
#11May 8th, 2007 · 09:08 PM
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I agree with Oncebittentwiceshy (what a long nickname)
#12May 10th, 2007 · 01:10 AM
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I love this. Getting this just from one key is amazing.
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