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This song is not in a battle

just recorded this to hear what it sounded like.  just keep in mind this was pretty much a one take deal just for me to hear how it was going.  there will most likely be vocals added later, and it will be re-recorded because the mic was too close to the guitar and gets boomy at parts.  just wanted to see where this was going and want advice before i reach the finished product.  btw, named "drake" because i stole the tuning of the song (cgcfce) from some nick drake tunes ive been listenin to.

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#2August 18th, 2005 · 08:31 AM
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yup definitely sounds nick drake ish at least the guitar for sure

EDIT: err... i guess it's ALL guitar hehe... i was waiting for the non existent vox which i didn't notice you said would come later

so... i know production values don't tell the story of the passion inside the song... and i totally understand how and when production values "don't matter"

but the fact is you've got a good song here... and if you want my honest opinion... my advice is work on the production values as the next step...

first off i actually don't hear the boomi-ness in the mic so much and overall i'd have to say your mic is doing it's job quite well... certainly better than some offerings i've heard around here... what kind is it?... one thing I do hear a lot of though is high-mid range pick scrape clackety clack... a good way to solve that is to use a harder pick and pick harder and just generally work on your pick technique... using just the very tip of the pick and using it with good force so that the pick really picks/plucks the strings rather than giving you that "thwappety skracthety" sound... OR use your thum and turn up the mic... i prefer the thumb approach personally... John Scofield style...

tune your guitar... no no... i don't mean into an alternate tuning... whatever alternate tuning you're using is fine... but get a tuner... or perhaps your guitar needs a "tune up" in the shop where tune is used in a different sense of the word... the action and the neck might need adjustment... i'm not sure

the lead line comes in too late for my tastes, but if you're gonna add lyrics it might fit fine where it is...

i like the melody but there's one thing about it that sorta bugs me: it's a stuttered version of "Norwegian Wood" by the beatles... like change about two notes and add the ending and you've got Norwegian Wood... though I have no idea if the chords are the same... probably not... the melodies are different to be sure... but similar enough for me to identify it as such right away... whatever... no big deal... i'm sure that will probably happen with any great song...

try working the melody... find some more places to move it and try not to stutter on the notes... maybe it's just my perception but i felt there were a couple times where i wanted the melody to start a step higher than it did, but instead it started by repeating the previous note... not sure if that makes sense...

otherwise good attempt and I like the song... it's got a good feel... and the main thing would be TUNE THAT GUITAR!! lol... dang... i mean there's something to be said for when it's on purpose like what Beck did on Mellow Gold... but this one doesn't sound quite like that

oh and btw Phish rules! they're the best band in the world... except of course for MMW, the greatest band in the universe! lol... but i digress... MMW to me is like Phish without lyrics playing jazz on acid... Phish to me is like MMW with lyrics playing rock on acid hah! anyway... which do i like better cake or ice cream!?... keep rockin man... i like it

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tune your guitar, other than that it's a pretty cool riff. i enjoyed it, good job for sure
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actually i kinda hate to say it...but i went back and tuned my guitar back to cgcfce to see if it was really off (cuz i did use a tuner to get it there)...and as far as i can tell its dead on cgcfce.  i dunno maybe your ears arent used to that low of a tuning, yea its a little different, and the low c is deeper then whats often heard, but its tuned.  listen to the nick drake song "parasite"  you can hear the same tuning (different capo tho).  i guess ears just arent used to it because its not a common tuning by any means.
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