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creative commons & safecreative licence
Usually bandamp members haven't signed a label contract . But the uploaded works have to be protected somehow. For that reason bandamp uploads are protected by creative commons 2.5 currently.
But meanwhile CCL 3.0 is out and Bandamp has an outdated description

If you need more informations about CCl 3.o and how it works
here´s a link to a description of current CC-licences.


and thisnone is the complete judicial accomplishment...............puuuh


These terms are the current contracts on every modern platform such as "soundcloud" , "Jamendo", "Phlow"
and many many more..............
CC can be compatible to Movies, TV and separately available.
CC-licence allows an artist also selling his music. It´s a case of individual hearing or "Pro"-conditions as they are available on jamendo for example.

safe creative

I don´t know if you have heard about "safe creative" copyright registry.
Safe Creative is the first copyright registry that informs about copyrights allowing rights holders to manage their rights in the Digital Era.
When registering a work, Safe Creative provides information, security and also self-management of copyrights.

For the U.S.A. safe creative is planning some innovations :
There are 4 identification levels which confirm an artist as creator or copyrights owner of the registered works.
If you want to know more about safe creative here the links :


i-petition for musicians rights

We all know about the difficulties of independent musicians to distribute their music and keep their rights at the same time. No matter if you provide your music for free or if you want to sell your product.
When you haven´t signed a member contract with Collecting societies sometimes it comes to a collision of interests. Especially the German society GEMA is quite restrictive.
For example :
A musician who plays a gig must
1. pay for his own works (if he´s GEMA member). He looses his rights in all his  previous and prospective works.
2. or (if he isn't) he must prove that he´s the right´s owner and that he is not member of a Collecting society. The artist is always in  "burden of proof ". In German it's called "GEMA-Vermutung"

These are just two examples which demonstrate the  artist´s "struggle" against these societies.

Now, I've found a petition for the European Commission which jamendo has initiated to support artists´ interests and strengthen their (our) rights.

And because bandamp members also release their works under CCL I think it might also be interesting for us ampers. It can be a way to break the omnipotence and arbitrariness of these societies.
Perhaps some members have some experiences with Collecting societies and can tell us about them..

If anybody wants to know more or to sign the petition here´s the link


Only CC-BY-licence on Youtube

I found this article on "Neumusik.com" , written by Wolfgang Senges on  June, 6. 2011 in "Business News,
Creative Commons"
, and tried to translate the text for Bandamp.

"Since  June, 2. 2011 on you tube is a licensing on Creative Commons possible . Reuse must be allowed but also commercially, and without further restriction. Therefore is currently the sole attribution license (CC BY 3.0) to choose from, which provides for mandatory re-naming of the author alone.
To start, YouTube more than 10,000 licensed CC-BY-videos from various sources for further use, currently primarily from news agencies like Al Jazeera and the Voice of America.

Users may remix videos directly on the editor platform, and any video that is created using CC BY-licensed content will automatically display the linked source videos’ titles underneath the video player.
New, from our own sources, with videos can either be placed under the standard YouTube license or a CC-BY-3.0 license.
GigaOm points to the possible motives for the restriction on CC-BY licenses:

Creative Commons has in the past been struggling with the fact that the majority of users tends to adopt more restrictive licenses. The organization estimated that two out of three Creative Commons-licensed works can’t be reused commercially, and one out of four can’t be reincorporated into a new work at all.

Considering the options, the use of YouTube compared to Vimeo is severely limited - there are all CC versions accepted. On the other hand, the benefit to the community is not to be underestimated. Putting one on YouTube a CC license, which comes from the local fund, so you can be sure of the availability (if the content provider has correctly licensed). In addition, the adjusted and labeled to YouTube via YouTube editor used material. That will leave the processor at Vimeo."

This could be a good thing for youtube and many users who search background music for their videos. But what is about musicians who do not want to make their music available without limitation for every possible contents?

What is about videos of, for instance Denis or other bandamp members, which may be used now also for Youtube channels filled with advertisements or suspect contents?

Or somebody works on the videos and produces Remixes?

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good work ULI!
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United States of America
I'd love to have at least a basic implementation of license control on uploads (including lyrics, if possible).  The Creative Commons license is particularly easy to turn into a visual thing; you pretty much just check off "Commercial" or "Non-commercial", "Attribution", and/or "Share Alike", etc, and voilà.

Good information.  One of the nice Creative Commons URLs is their "chooser"/creator thing: http://creativecommons.org/choose/
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I thought I mentioned that a new system includes such a chooser thing, its a good thing I can say
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Good stuff, but the problem of web crawlers being able to get into BandAMP's servers are still a problem for me! Hope someone can resolve that issue ASAP!

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