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re: Account hacking
Chandler wrote…
I have no idea why, but suddenly Iīm from england, my songs have been deleted and I have a strange biography


Born in Dundee, Scotland on May 4th, 1990, Ross grew up in the south of England with only his mother as his father had left. Probably where a lot of the inspiration for some of the angry songs is found. He tried to create bands with now members of The Alchemists, and failed. On a high school afternoon, Ross found Tom Bird and Harry Mattock playing together in a music room. Not thinking much of it, he asked to play with them and soon after they formed the group 'Tom, Dick and Harry'. When the idea was suggested that they should introduce a bassist, the hunt went out. Eventually, they had to steal the bassist of stupidly unsuccessful System Of A Down wannabes 'Natas'. With the addition of Luke Gowers, the band had a much more fuller sound and were christened 'The Indecisive', due to lack of any good names being suggested. The first live performance was at a high school battle of the bands, in which they were very well recieved and reached the semi-finals. After 30+ attempted tracks, re-writes and new names, the band was officially baptised 'Manic Subsidal' on January 1st 2006, and are close to releasing thier first CD, titled "Taste Of Ecstasty".

has my account being hacked, or is it a joke by moderators?
i donīt know. strange.

my songs threads do still exist, but they seem to be removed from my mp3-storage.

The Biography looks to be back to normal now... It wasn't hacking, or joking moderators.. It was due to the users section being cleaned up by the programmers... while this was happening, some accounts were getting some mixed up stuff... It should be all back to normal for everyone now....

            JimK (Mod)
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Achtung !
SlasherX is on to something, have a look in the Tech support forum I think he has just posted a request for all bugs and problems like yours. Try this thread
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well..mine is still messed up
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If anyone continues to have this problem, let me know! This problem just popped up again, so if you have this problem, post it so I can correct it.

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