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Internet 'urban legends'
I don't know what you make of this, but I saw this on a few audio review threads:
In 1876, a young girl named Jenn was walking down a river, an insane man killed her by stabbing her in the back, raping her, and then hanging her in his closet. While he hanged her he said Bukakke Bukkake.
Now that you have read this message, she will find you and her dead body will haunt your house for 5 years. Every night you go to sleep she will appear in your closet, hanging their with her glowing red eyes.
repost 3 times to be saved. sorry
posted here, for one:

But, this sort of thing doesn't have anything to do with the song, and there's people on the internet that will take it seriously, so if it's posted on bandamp once or twice, and nothing is done to prevent it, people might just post up willy nilly in spite of a silly urban legend.

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apparently mr Jonas is superstitious as hell.

Let me handle this appropriatly, temporarily adopting his superstition:

[superstition]Jonas is spreading a curse on our forum. This is highly inappropriate. I will remove the posts.[/superstition]

Thanks for reporting. Mr Jonas has been warned. This type of misconduct will not be tolerated.

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