#1January 24th, 2007 · 10:45 AM
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someone else accessing my account
hi guys,

remember me?  I was marthamaymoo....& was having problems with my downloads being WAY too fast.

Puppetxeno?  you emailed me to help......I'm the one with the crazy pickin' fingers (& I play naked...lol)

well....someone broke into my hotmail........I just discovered this....& they have been busy.

if you receive any mails from fabguitarbabe.....it IS NOT ME.

i have a hunch it's my ex-hub the nutcase.  he left me nov.27th.

sigh.  can you delete marthamaymoo?  thanks,

mb  xoxo
#2January 24th, 2007 · 01:10 PM
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Hey, nice to see you again!

Well as far as I can tell your account here may have been accessed, but it has not been abused. You can change your profile (contact email) and your password here so that should take care of any attempts to hack your account again... The only thing I can do is deactivating the profile, not deleting it. This means all the posts and uploads will still be in place, except nobody can log in on the account anymore... So I don't see much reason to "ban" - as it's technically called - the marthamaymoo account. I will if you insist though... I've checked and there won't be any IP conflicts resulting if I do (a technical side effect of banning an account is blocking the possibility to log in at all from the same IP address as the original account was created on)

Sorry to read about your hotmail. Yes it must have been someone who knew your password (or confirmation email address etc)... What you said probbly the ex. However I have not been contacted by fabguitarbabe (a shame really but I can live with it now that I know it might not have been you anyway )

Why don't you start using yahoo instead, or even better: gmail. I may have a few gmail invites left... Just let me know...


#3January 24th, 2007 · 08:44 PM
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I have tons of gmail invites. I'd be delighted to bring another user in :P
gmail is the best email client ever! bar none. Its tons better than any free ones and beats the crap out of any of the paid-subscription ones of experienced.
#4January 25th, 2007 · 08:47 AM
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cool!  thanks guys....i've never heard of gmail.

if it's more secure....i'm ALL for that. 

mb  xoxo
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