#1May 10th, 2006 · 02:56 PM
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hey, i felt like sharing that ''conversation'' with you:


my reply (#4) was nothing but my exact opinion about the record
and ReFlex's reply (#5) sounds quite insulting

seems like he's not proud with his own work and at the same time he's expecting possitive comments...
so after that didn't happen, instead of taking our advices, he exploded with words like..you know

i mean, since when negative comments gotta be followed by cursing?
that's just so childish and unacceptable to me
his words are totally unsiutable to our community
i don't think he has the age required for comments like that
and i don't think anyone has the rights to do it
#2May 10th, 2006 · 04:11 PM
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got that right from this site's rules section:

When you critique another members song please be truthful, helpful, and respectful. However, donít be so nice that you compromise your own opinion... On the other hand, please donít use any nasty four-letter words, even if that is your opinion Anyone who is found flaming another member will either have their account suspended or be warned (depending on the degree of insolence).''''

Edit: seems like our guy had just deleted his song and all the stuff's gone...
...so bad for him that i've already saved the orignal page with his comments and there it is: http://users.cjb.net/bunghole/archive.rar
#3May 10th, 2006 · 05:30 PM
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So, I delete the song and all comments about you.It's enough.There's nothing left against you.But for future I don't want any possitive or negative comments about my songs or intrumentals.It's simply.I don't want anything from you.I know you,you know me after all we're friends so respect my request.Nothing more...
#4May 10th, 2006 · 05:58 PM
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yeah, i've read something about this thing that we're all friends here at bandamp.com
but there are still people like you that work against that

and how could u be a friend of mine when u r askin' me not to post comments on ur songs?

i suggest u to be suspended for what u did. sorry but i still got my memory, cuz i'm a human being, and looks like u forgot what that is, dude
#5May 10th, 2006 · 06:07 PM
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ай сиг простотии! я викам секи дека разбира що пиша 'а си пущи "новиот" хит Трр-так-трр-так, а отфори инЪ загорка с мрЪфкЯ за мизе и да я ибем музиката ф дупарЪтЪ.
#6May 10th, 2006 · 06:34 PM
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ok, this is not allowed. POST IN ENGLISH. especially in the Abuse forum

I hope you understand... get your acts together, shake hands and make up. And no more funny language please...
#7May 11th, 2006 · 02:11 AM
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i just ignore them, it's easy
#8May 11th, 2006 · 03:40 PM
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Dont know why he is here on BandAMP. All of us are here to enjoy the critiques we get. What else!?
#9May 11th, 2006 · 05:51 PM
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United Kingdom
Hmmm, methinks there's more to this than meets the eye.  I think both MichaelDivine and ReFlex are a little close to the abuse bit in some comments to each other.
Perhaps some moderation needed here guys!
#10May 11th, 2006 · 07:01 PM
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United States of America
where are da moderators?
hmmm..... ???
#11May 15th, 2006 · 07:51 PM
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woops wrong key.
#12May 15th, 2006 · 08:11 PM
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Hold on guys!
This site is to make constructive critiques, so I if don't wanna receive any critique, just don't post any song; simple as that.
Open your mind dude!

         > Iszil
#13May 21st, 2006 · 08:46 AM
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Ok... MichaelDivine and Reflex: I cleaned up some of the conversation you were having in the MichaelDivine tune. Now, please keep it clean next time will you? If you want to argue, do it privately, but no more of this immaturity in public.

Have a nice day.

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